3 Ways to Add Information to the Library

Raw Data – Topics – Value Add Statements.


Table 1 – Raw Data

(Table Size in once fully populated will be the size of the Library of Congress)

Blockchains start at this level, when a Learning Community member posts raw data into the library.

Table 2 – Topics

Based on Dewey Decimal System in that there are a limited number of “Master Topics.

(Changes made very rarely)

Top Level Topics – No Need to Change Often

  • Automotive

  • Civics

  • Business

  • Communication

  • Economics

  • Engineering and Science

  • Law

  • Personal Development

  • Religion

  • Social Science

  • Technology

Topics are Hieracrchical



Table 3 – Value Added Information

– Definitions – agreed upon by the community

  • 3 Options: Request to Change a Definition, Request to add a definition, Agree or disagree with a definition.
  • Agree and Disagree value add does not need moderation.
  • Changes or additions require moderation.
  • It is not suspected to be a lot of changes to definitions.

– Belief/Conclusion – An acknowledgment that a “Statement” is true.   Moderation is not required.

– Arguments – 1 or more preReasons for thinking that some belief is reasonable.  Arguments do not need to be moderated.

– Premises/Facts/evidence – A sentence that can be objectively observed.