Personalize Learning for the Digital World

Learning powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), Advanced Networking, Blockchains, Tokens, and the Cloud.

Key Features of Our Learning Community!


Token holders can introduce new learning and vote on evidence.

Building Authority

The Community uses the tokens to build authority that is used to value the information.

Sharing Data

Token owners are rewarded with an increase in Authority when they create new information to share.

Verified Information

Various AI and human methods arer used to ensure that the Community can “trust” the information though an advance “Verification” Process.

Our Learning Community is different than anything out there right now.

Our Learning Community is a decentralized learning eco-system that lets users take and teach classes, join community discussion, and automatically connect their profiles, reputations and experiences across the web with privacy and security.

Monetizing Opinions Across the Internet

ALN rewards valuable opinions across the web.

Rate things, earn rewards for accuracy and gain status in topics that interest you.

You can earn rewards as you normally browse the internet. All you have to do is vote through the extension.

The technology is complicated, but how it works is simple.


– Express your opinion by using Up/Downvotes in multiple categories if you like something you see on the internet, think its smart or funny (or NOT).
– If others vote like you on the same content, you’ll earn ALN tokens
– More ALNX means more INFLUENCE, increasing your vote’s value
– The more influence you have, the more ALNX you’ll earn!


– Voting capabilities on ANY site on the web.
– See the Color Code (social value) of content across the web based on everyone’s votes.


– Invite a friend and receive 5% of all ALNX tokens they earn. That means if you refer ten friends you’ll receive 50% bonus tokens. It pays to get in early.


– Fill out the feedback form in the extension and receive 10 ALNX tokens!

A Better Experience

Leverage rich user information to build a robust and customized learning experience without having to worry about filtering out the noise.

The Only Learning Tool You’ll Ever Need

When fully populated the Learning Community will be able to satisfy all your learning needs.

Learn New Things

Take Classes for fun, or to enhance your career skills

Combat Fake News

Use the Learning Community as a way to inoculate your self from all the misinformation floating around.

Have Useful Discussions

The Learning is the best place to have useful discussions with other members of the community.  Using Blockchains and tokens discussion can be free of spam and trolls. 

Ready To Get Started?