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All Lessons

Ann Coulter sent me the eMail below.

It argues that “Leftist Thugs” exist to suppress conservative college students.

I think this an example of “Indoctrination” by “conservatives” to conservative thought, as Coulter puts it, “The principles that make America Great.”


I have an urgent request of you.  

My friends at the Leadership Institute are hosting an important training school next month in Naples, Florida. 

This Youth Leadership School is the boot camp for young conservatives.  

At this two-day, intensive training, conservative college students learn how to take on the leftist thugs they face on their campuses and to become the sorts of leaders America needs.  

Because it’s so important, the Leadership Institute provides scholarships to cover students’ travel and housing costs to attend this training in Naples.  

Here’s the good news: Students are applying to attend in droves! But the bad news is: high demand has exhausted LI’s travel scholarship funds.  

It’s terrible to think that financial burdens would hold a young person back from learning to champion the principles that make America great. 

The students applying for this program are some of the best and brightest young people in America. I’ve actually met them — and seen them in action during my visits to college campuses. 

They’re having a ball taunting liberals, but, make no mistake, it takes real guts to defy the screaming campus mobs and filter out non-stop propaganda from the left. These kids are principled and brave. Here’s your chance to help them learn how to put their bravery into action! 

The Leadership Institute doesn’t want to turn away any students because they can’t afford to travel to this powerful training.  

That’s where you come in! (I hope.) 

Will you give right now to make sure every young conservative who wants to can attend this valuable training? 

Due to inflation, the total cost for a student scholarship has risen to $1,200 for travel and housing. That’s a significant amount for any one person to give, so I’m asking many other generous conservatives besides you.  

My goal today is to have 50 conservatives step up to give gifts of $25 each to cover the cost of one more student scholarship. 

Will you give $25, or whatever your best gift may be, to help fund a student scholarship? 

If so, please give online right away. 

Thank you for considering this urgent request to help these bright students become the next generation of conservative Leaders for America.  

Let’s get our troops ready for battle!  

Ann Coulter 

Author and Columnist