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$2500 – Learning Management System Development Intern

General Information
Designing and Maintaining a Web presence is a critical communication tool for everyone; People, teams, companies, groups, everyone.  I am looking for someone to build a Course around this.  And I want to use the School as the laboratory

We, The @lantis School of Communication, need to design and build an enhanced web presence. As you can see, we currently have a standard “off the shelf” basic WordPress web site.  We are looking for someone that can help us move to a higher level web presence.  We will structure this effort in terms of building a certification program.

We have some technical web expertise, but we recognize that to move to the next level requires us to be as “cutting edge” as possible in our approach to our web presence. We want our web site to stand out among all other web sites. We want our web site to be as efficient as possible. We want our website to be a Network Hub.  We also want our website linked to our blog, Facebook, and other applications to increase the visibility and productivity of our complete web presence.

Curriculum Overview
There will be 3 courses.

  1. Course 1 will teach how to take an inventory of the current Web environment, perform market research, and analysis of other Education Websites, and make recommendations for future development.
  2. Couse 2 will be to actually build web presence per Course 1 recommendations.
  3. Course 3 is to develop a process for on-going web management.
  4. Course 4 – Capstone Class.

Project Requirements and Deliverables

Course 1
  1. An inventory and market research of the Online Education Industry.
  2. A recommendation for future development.
    1. The recommendation will contain costs and timeframes.
    2. The recommendation will contain 3 Phases:
      1. Near term – Recommendation of the immediate steps. This will be at a very detailed level.
      2. Mid term – Recommendation for the next steps after the near term is achieved. As detailed as necessary.
      3. Long term – Recommendation for the long term direction. This will be used as a guidepost to make sure development is headed in the right direction.

Course 2
Do the Acutual Coding

  1. Carry out the tasks outlined in the Part 1 recommendations.
    1. This includes contracting for the web host if necessary, and physically building the web pages and Facebook page.

Course 3
Document the plan process

Required Skills

  • Being able to handle design/development/programming tasks with average to high level of complexity. He/she must be able to work with @lantis School of Communication Board and others to understand the requirements.  And then take those requirements and design, write technical specifications for and develop assigned projects using the most current technologies: for example, Java and C++ in UNIX environment, XML, PL/SQL, Unix shell scripts; whatever is most likely to be the best approach.
  • Some Experience in a current web design tool(s), Blog structures, and Database construction and management • Demonstrates strong design and programming skills • Good knowledge of software development methodologies, tools, standards and procedures for high quality software development
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills are critical. The Grantee should be able to proactively communicate status reports and issues to the Board.
  • One of the key functions that will be required of the web site is “On-Line” education. So it is important the Grantee have a clear idea of what on-line education should be.
  • The goal of @lantis School of Communication is to be perceived as the “Best” Education Web site on the Internet. Thus, the Grantee must have a clear understanding of what that might mean and how to make it happen.
  • Since @lantis School of Communication is just starting we are working on a very limited budget. The Grantee must be able to work in an environment where cost will be a limiting factor.
  • The candidate must demonstrate excellent ability to analyze problems, develop solutions, and make decisions that impact projects and production systems.
  • @lantis School of Communication Intern will work remotely most of the time, using their own computer and Internet connection, without direct supervision.
  • Some knowledge of how to integrate video and multimedia into Websites is required. Knowledge of mobile applications is also helpful.
  • Critical thinking, decision-making and leadership aptitudes with strong analytical and interpersonal skills
  • Good organizational and problem solving abilities