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Communication Careers List
Communication Careers List Last Updated – July 9, 2019 Public Relations Journalism Media Production and Direction Graphic Design and Direction Information Management Network Management Speech/Language Therapy   Please note: The communication careers list was compiled from the following Web sites which contain additional information in which you might be interested. Resources for Careers in Communication […]

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July 9, 2019

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Communication Careers List
Last Updated – July 9, 2019

  • Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Media Production and Direction
  • Graphic Design and Direction
  • Information Management
  • Network Management
  • Speech/Language Therapy


Please note: The communication careers list was compiled from the following Web sites which contain additional information in which you might be interested.

Resources for Careers in Communication
Famous People with Degrees in Communication
What can I do with this major?
What can you do with a communication degree?
What can I do with my communication degree?
What career opportunities are with a communication degree?

Please note: Careers may be in more than one category. The following list is not exhaustive of all the possible options you have for careers to pursue a communication degree. Additional schooling or training may be required for some of these careers.

Advertising/ Marketing/ Sales
Journalism (Print or Electronic)
Communication Education
Public Relations
Theatre/Performing Arts
High Technology Industries
Communication and Health Care
International Relations and Negotiations
Social and Human Services
Labor Relations



Admissions Counselor
Association Administrator
Benefits Administrator
Communication Analyst
Communication Services
Communication Trainer
Corporate Relations Officer
Customer Service Representative
Director Corporate Communications
Director Media Relations
Director of Training and Development
Employee Communication and Training
Employee Information
Events Planner
Executive Manager
External Communications Manager
Field Publicity Consultant
Flight Attendant
Government Affairs Director
Government Relations Counselor
Group Supervisor
Hospitality Manager
Hotel Manager
Human Resources Manager
Industrial and Labor Relations
Information Department
Internal Communication Manager
Investor Relations Manager
Labor Relations Specialist
Management-Employee Communication
Marketing Communication
Media Relations Specialist
Newsletter Editor
Personnel manager
Personnel Recruiter
Press Information Officer
Press Relations Manager
Public Affairs Officer
Public Information Officer
Public Relations Supervisor
Sales Representative
Special Projects
Speech Writer
Staff Consultant
Training and Communication Administrator
Training and Development Specialist
Upward Communication
Vice-president Corporate and Community Relations
Vice-president Human Resources

Advertising/ Marketing/ Sales:

Account Executive
Account Manager
Advertising Copywriter
Advertising Director
Advertising Manager
Advertising/Marketing Specialist
Assistant Account Representative/Executive
Audience Analyst
Brand/Division Manager
Campaign Manager
Communication Technology
Copy Writer
Corporate Public Affairs Specialist
Creative Director
Customer Sales Representative
Development Officer
Financial Industry (Stocks and Bonds)
Fund raiser
Health Professions
Manufacturer’s Representative
Market Analyst
Marketing Specialist
Marketing Vice-President
Media Analyst
Media Buyer
Media Planner
Media Sales Representative
Membership Recruiter
News Writer
Press Agent
Promotions Manager
Public Opinion Researcher
Public Researcher
Publicity Manager
Real Estate
Sales Manager
Sales Representative
Vice-President Sales

Communication Education:

Alumni Officer
Audiovisual Specialist
College or University Professor
Director of College News
Drama Coach
Drama Director
Education Researcher
Educational Administrator
Educational Fund-raiser
Educational Tester
Forensics/Debate Coach
High School Speech Teacher
Language Arts Coordinator
School Counselor
Speech Communication Department Chairperson
Speech Communication Department Chairperson


Account Executive
Advertising Sales Coordinator
Art Director
Assistant Art Director
Assistant Producer
Booking Agent
Broadcasting Station Manager
Business Manager
Cable Television Project Director
Camera Person
Casting Director
Comedy Writer
Community Relation Director
Coordinator, Corporate Internal Television
Director of Broadcasting
Disc Jockey
Film Director
Film Editor
Film Producer
Film Tape Librarian
Floor Director
Floor Manager
Graphic and Audiovisual
Market Researcher
Media Buyer
Motion Picture Manager
News Anchor
News and Relation Manager
News Director
News Writer
On-Air Talent
Photo Services Manager
Photo-Audio-Visual Services
Public Relations Manager
Radio and Television Announcer
Radio and Television Publicity
Supervisor, Coordinator, Director, or Project Manager:
Talent Scout
Talk Show Host
Technical Director
Television Specialist
Traffic/ Continuity Specialist
Transmitter Engineer
Unit Manager

Journalism (Print or Electronic):

Acquisitions Editor
Advertising Copywriter
Assistant Editor
Associate Editor
Associate Publisher
Audiovisual Writer
Book Designer
Copy Editor
Copy Writer
Editorial Assistant
Editorial Director
Employee Publications Editor
General News Manager
Greeting Card Writer
Industrial Editor
Manager of Corporate Information
Media Interviewer
Medical Editor
News Manager
News Service Researcher
News Supervisor
Product Promotion Writer
Production Assistant
Production Editor
Publications Advisor
Publications Editor
Sales Promotion Writer
Script Writer
Senior Editor
Specifications Writer
Sports Information Director
Supervisor of Staff Publications and Services
Supervisory Editor
Talk Show Host
Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Public Relations:

Account Executive
Advertising Manager
Audience Analyst
Corporate Public Affairs
Creative Director
Development Officer
Marketing Specialist
Media Analyst
Media Planner
News Writer
Public Opinion Researcher
Publicity Manager
Sales Manager
Special Events Coordinator
Telemarketing Specialist

Theatre/Performing Arts:

Arts Administrator
Casting Director
Costume Designer
Lighting Designer
Lighting Theatre Critic
Makeup Artist
Movie Critic
Movie Theater Manager
Performing Artist
Performing Arts Educator
Scenic Designer
Script Writer
Stage Manager
Stunt Coordinator
Theatre Critic
Theatre Professor


Campaign Director
Communication Trainer
Director of Corporate Communication
Elected Official
Information Officer
Legislative Assistant
Legislative Liaison
Political Aide
Press secretary
Program Coordinator
Public Information Office Writer
Research Specialist
Speech Writer

High Technology Industries:

Audio & Visual Computer Display Specialist
Circuit Television Producer/Director
Cognition Researcher
HTML Designer and Programmer
Language Specialist
Multimedia Designer/Producer
Performance Assessor
Speech Synthesizer
Systems Analyst
Technical Copywriter
Trainer for Communication Tech.

Communication and Health Care:

Activities Director
Advertising Agencies
Clinic Public Relations Director
Communications Manager for Federal Health Agencies
Drug Rehabilitationist
Government Positions Related to Public Health
Health Communication Analyst
Health Educator
Health Facility Fund Raiser
Health Personnel Educator
Heath Care Counselor
Hospice Manager
Hospital Director of Communication
Marketing Director
Medical Center Publications Editor
Medical Grants Writer
Medical Training Supervisor
Non-Profit Health Organizations
Pharmaceutical Companies
Research Analyst
School Health Care Administrator

International Relations and Negotiations:

Corporate Representative
Foreign Correspondent
Foreign Relations Officer
Host/Hostess for Foreign Dignitaries
International Business
International on-air media talent
On-Air International Broadcasting
Student Tour Coordinator


Corporate Lawyer
District Attorney
Legal Educator
Legal Reporter
Legal Researcher
Legal Secretary
Mediation & Negotiation Specialist
Paralegal Researcher
Private Practice Lawyer
Public Defender

Social and Human Services:

Attraction Manager
Case Worker
College Counselor
Community Action Director
Community Affairs Liaison
Consumer Advocate
Consumer Affairs Specialist
Corporate Trainer
Customer Relations Representative
Foreign Relations Officer
Human Resources Associate
Human Rights Office
Information Specialist
Mental Counselor
Museum Director
Park Service Public Relations Specialist
Philanthropic Representative
Professional, Religious, & Charitable Organizations
Public Administrator
Public Affairs Director
Public Relations Specialist
Recreation Supervisor
Religious Leader
Sales Representative
Sales-Retail Manager
Service Administrator
Social Worker
Speech Instructor
Student Activities Director
Tour Guide
Youth Worker

Labor Relations:

Chief Negotiator
Contract Administrator
Labor Relations Specialist
Union Representative


Admissions Counselor
Associate Director/Assistant
College Recruiter
Development Officer
Director/Dean etc. of Administrative Offices
High School Teacher
Project Director
Resident Director
School Administrator
Vice-president University Relations


Assistant Director of Research
Corporate Communications Research Analyst
Research and Editorial Associate
Research Coordinator
Research Scientist
Research Specialist
Senior Scientific Services Officer
Social Scientist


Career Options:

There are many career paths that a person with a Communication Major can choose. Here are some job titles that former graduates with Communication Majors
hold. Use this as an ideas list, remember that it represents some, but certainly not all of the careers you might consider. Some careers may take additional schooling.

Management Manager
Personnel Recruiter Vice-president Human Resources
Trainer Director of Training and Development
Admissions Counselor Benefits Administrator
Sales Representative Executive Manager
Public Information Officer Industrial and Labor Relations
Negotiator Customer Service Representative
Newsletter Editor Human Resources Manager
Mediator Buyer
Advertising Specialist Marketing Specialist
Copy Writer Account Executive Manager
Media Planner Media Buyer
Creative Director Media Sales Representative
Public Researcher
 Communication Education:
Language Arts Coordinator High School Speech Forensics/Debate Coach
Drama Director Speech Communication Department Chairperson
School Counselor Education Researcher
Audiovisual Specialist Educational Administrator
Director of College News Educational Tester
Educational Fund-raiser Alumni Officer
Electronic Media/Radio
Broadcasting Station Manager Director of Broadcasting
Film/Tape Librarian Community Relation Director
Unit Manager News Writer
Transmitter Engineer Technical Director
Advertising Sales Coordinator Market Researcher
Actor/Actress Announcer
Disc Jockey News and Relation Manager
Comedy Writer Casting Director
Producer Business Manager
Floor Manager Talk Show Host
 Journalism (Print or Electronic):
Reporter Editor
Newscaster Author
Copy Writer Script Writer
News Service Researcher Technical Writer
Acquisitions Editor Media Interviewer
 Public Relations:
Publicity Manager Advertising Manager
Marketing Specialist Lobbyist
Corporate Public Affairs Specialist
Account Executive Development Officer
Sales Manager Media Analyst
Media Planner Creative Director
News Writer Public Opinion Researcher
 Theatre/Performing Arts:
Performing Artist Script Writer
Arts Administrator Performing Arts Educator
Costume Design Scenic Designer
Lighting Theatre Critic Makeup Artist
Stage Manager Model
Theatre Professor Casting Director
Public Information Office Writer Legislative Assistant
Campaign Director Research Specialist
Program Coordinator Elected Official
 High Technology Industries:
Trainer for Communication Tech. Circuit Television Producer/Director
Systems Analyst Technical Copywriter
Language Specialist Cognition Researcher
Audio & Visual Computer Display Specialist
 Communication and Health Care:
Health Educator School Health Care Administrator
Medical Grants Writer Hospital Director of Communication
Clinic Public Relations Director Health Communication Analyst
Research Analyst Medical Training Supervisor
Health Personnel Educator Medical Center Publications Editor
Hospice Manager Heath Care Counselor
Activities Director Marketing Director
International Relations and
On-Air International Broadcasting Corporate Representative
Translator Student Tour Coordinator
Diplomat Foreign Correspondent
Public Defender Corporate Lawyer
District Attorney Private Practice Lawyer
Legal Researcher Mediation & Negotiation Specialist
Legal Secretary Legal Reporter
Legal Educator
 Social and Human Services:
Public Administrator Social Worker
Recreation Supervisor Human Rights Office
Community Affairs Liaison Park Service Public Relations Specialist
Religious Leader Mental Counselor