Two things happened this week that clearly point to Trump’s Racism. And it should scare us all.

Event 1 – The beating of a Black man at a Trump Rally.

This event reminds me of the treatment of Jews prior to WWII.

Event 2 – Trump tweeted out a patently false, race-baiting image.

The Trump-styled retweet in question:

The amount of things wrong with this will provide the 6th District a lot to analyze and discuss.
But, let me just start with that fact that data presented is simply made up. The Crime Statistics Bureau doesn’t actually exist. This is simply made up and fake data. (Now as an exercise someone that supports Trump could provide the 6th District with the source so we can see, analyze and discuss the actual data. But, I could find no reference to the source of this data.)
Additionally, data that we can look up clearly points out that the Trump Data is a lie.
Here are the actual numbers:

Noted Racist Donald Trump Tweets Out Anti-Black Propaganda

According to the most recently released set of crime statistics from the FBI (which are from 2014), 82 percent of white homicides are committed by other white people, while black offenders account for just 14 percent of white homicides.
And out of the total number of black homicides, 7 percent are actually committed by white offenders, while 89 percent are committed by other black people.
And while there already shouldn’t have been any question of whether Trump condones the actions of his awful fans (he himself said that yesterday’s protestor “should have been roughed up”), if for whatever reason you still weren’t totally convinced of Trump’s desire to capitalize on the racist fury ripping through the conservative base, he has kindly given you your answer.
This should scare us all.  There is no question that “Right Wing Nationalism” has always existed everywhere.  And there is also no question that it is normally kept in check by moderate forces in the community.  However, in times of crisis Right Wing Nationalism can become more of a force and, as happened in Europe in the 30’s, it can become the dominate political force.
We need to protect against that.