I feel so sorry for the family of this young man, apparently a very nice young man at that, but please, can we have a moratorium on calling every single death of anyone of color RACIST? Seems more like these were 2 pretty stupid men who committed a crime. Was it racist, who knows but calling every single death of any black person a hate crime is ludicrous. How about some person got killed by some really stupid people and leave it at that? The NOW COMMON AND COMMONPLACE thing is the BLACK ATTORNEY immediately crying RACISM and hinting, subtly that some settlement just may make things somewhat better. Well better for him because he want’s his 1/3 to 1/2 of the payout. If a black kid gets hit by a SUV and dies that is NOT racism, that is just a tragic event but we can all be sure that the driver of the SUV will be portrayed as a racist and the police hounded to make an arrest and a hefty lawsuit to follow. The race card has been played so much it is simply white noise now and irrelevant to boot.