Traditional Adult Education has it backwards. Today, we start by paying for a class ($2,000+). Then we read the book or listen to the expert. Finally, we take the assessment. This process should be flipped. We should start with a “FREE” high level assessment. Then using whatever means available; reading the book, searching the Internet, or talking to an expert, we learn what we need learn. We should only pay for the book or face time with an expert if we cannot get it free somewhere else. If someone wants a more detailed or personalized assessment, Schools can charge extra for that.

This applies the iTunes model to education. You should only have to pay for what you need.

Also, this breaks the traditional education model of one size fits all. With the 21st Century tools available to use, we can allow for each student to follow their own unique path to learning. The educational institution would only need to provide A “Syllabus” describing what they consider to be the things someone should know and what is the bibliography listing the sources of for those things they think are important. The Student should follow their own path and discover their own sources. The Syllabus says what a student needs to know to be competent in a subject. The assessment measures that competence. But the path to that competence is unique to each individual.