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  • Vetting, A-Keys, and Meta-Data Blockchains Form the foundation of our Learning eco-system.
  • An A-Key and Public Token is established for each Learner.
  • The combination of Vetting, A-Keys, and Blockchains safeguard your Private Information and ensure all your Content can be tracked and better monetized.

Key Features of Our Learning Network!

Validate Information

Validate Information

Token holders can “comment” on information in multiple ways to help validate that information.

Academic Authority

Build Authority

Token Holders build authority by offering helpful information to the Network.  The more helpful the information, the more Authority the member achieves.

Money Exchange for Information

Make Money

Token holders can make money by selling their content and by charging to “help” others, through consulting and/or grading.

Two Ways to Participate

“Vetted” Member

– Read and Write Capability
– Can Access all Information, Participate in Discussions, and add value to the Library.
– Can sell content and services (grading and consulting) through the Network Info Store.


– Can Access “non-premium” Content.

In order to ensure better information.  Only those people that have joined, received their “A-Key” & “Token,” and agreed to the communications policy of respect, can add value to the community.


(To join you must have a Linkedin Profile.  This is to help the community better value your contributions.)

Please Note: We will never provide your email address to anyone else.

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