21st Century Educational Issues

A list of the 21 most important educational issues facing 21st Century Communities.

  1. Public & Charter Schools – What is the “Optimal” mix of the two?
  2. Pre-school – What is it?  What should it be?
  3. Teacher Evaluation – What is the most effective way to evaluate teacher performance?
  4. Teacher Salaries – What should they be?
  5. Student Testing – What is the optimal way to measure student performance?
  6. Common Core – What is it and is it useful?
  7. Length of School Day/year – What should it be?
  8. Gerrymandering of School Districts – How to optimally draw school districts?
  9. School Lunch Support – What is the optimal method?
  10. Bullying – How to stop it?
  11. Unions – Are they still relevant?
  12. School Violence – How to stop it?
  13. School Security – How to improve it?
  14. School Maintenance – How to improve it?
  15. Dress Codes/Uniforms – Are they useful?
  16. Class Sizes (teacher – pupil ratio) – What is the optimal Class Size?
  17. Special Need Students – How best to educate them?
  18. Disciplinary Codes – What are the best standards of behavior while in school?
  19. Buses – How to use them optimally?
  20. Busing – What is the right strategy?
  21. Shortage of Counselors – How to get more?