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Georgia 6th District Learning Threads
Pick an area of learning you are interested in – start improving your life!

Become an expert

Teach and learn all the important

100’s of Courses

Learn 21st Century Life Skills that Will Improve your life.

Business, Personal, Technical and a whole lot of other important and fun classes.

Improve Business Skills

Accounting, Decision Making, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Improving Team Work, Management and Leadership, Marketing, Project Management, Strategic Management, Workforce Development

6 Courses


Economic Schools, Economic Myths, Economic Systems, Economic Cycles, Economics and Law, Economics Math,

8 Courses

Engineering & Science

Physics, Cognitive Science, Biology, Psychology

16 Courses

Personal Development

Career Development, Living Skills, Marriage & Family, Necessary Skills to Succeed, Nutrition & Wellness, Parenting, Personal Finance, Travel, Arts, Recreation.

7 Courses


Comparative Religion, Spiritual Forces, Religion in the 21st Century.

7 Courses


Information Management, Telecommunications, Wireless, The Internet, Social Media.

7 Courses


Building Consensus, Communication Theory, Communication Economics, Communication Infomatics, Interpersonal Communication, Media Literacy, Political Correctness, Social Media

9 Courses

Education and Teaching

Homeschooling, Learning Science, Educational Technology,

3 Courses


Supreme Court, Business Law, Telecommunications Law, US Constitution.

2 Courses

Political Science

2018 Election, Civics, Conservatism, Role of Government, Donald Trump.

19 Courses

Social Science

Philosophy, Civil War, Fascism, History, Racism, Terrorism, Biography, Linguistics

19 Courses

Learn by Doing

All Our Classes are designed to be Multimedia and Interactive.

We use the latest education delivery tools.

Achieve your goals

Set a Personal Learn Plan and see your future mapped out in front of you.

Our learning platform allows you to learn at your pace and the subjects most useful to you.  Each member develops a lifelong learning plan.  The Community thens offers suggestions to make your learning more effective.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes represent the knowledge, skills and attitudes that the Community believes are needed to thrive in the 21st Century.

Written Communication – Produce well-organized written communications that exhibit logical thinking and organization, use appropriate style for audience, and meet conventional standards of usage.

Mathematics – Demonstrate the ability to interpret and analyze quantitative information; to apply mathematical principles and techniques; and to use mathematical models to solve applied problems.

Community Foundations – Demonstrate effective critical thinking skills through interpreting, presenting or evaluating ideas.

Natural and Computational Sciences – Apply scientific and computational reasoning and methods of inquiry to explain natural phenomena and/or analyze quantitative information and solve applied problems.

Social, Economic, and Political Sciences – Effectively analyze the complexity of human behavior, and how historical, economic, political, social, and/or spatial relationships develop, persist, and/or change.

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