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All Lessons

Our Mission

The Premise

We live in an extraordinary period of rapid and accelerating change!  We live in the 21st Century.

To thrive we must constantly adapt based on a continuous learning process.

Our ability to more accuractely predict trends and innovations is what gives our Community a competitive advantage in a 21st Century marketplace.

We cannot do this “optimally” on our own; there is just too much information available.

Blind Men describing an elephant

But, as a community, we can use our diversity to act as a self sustaining intellectually integrated environment.  A Learning Community builds on its diverse population to share skills, knowledge, insights and experience.  A Learning Community welcomes diversity!

A learning community harnesses the power of 21st Century technologies to domesticate vast quanty of data to be prioritized and made available in a personally customized way.

Learning communities not only allow, but encourage, members to influence the communities design and content. This enhances the chance for continuous POSITIVE evolution driven by the changing environment.

We all need an engaged, informed and educated electorate, it takes away the main power of the vested interest groups who are trying to keep the electorate confused and misguided by the volume of information and the amount of misinformation(lies). We need to demand a vision for the future and politicians held accountable for delivering it.

The Aim

Our aim is to create a Community platform that will develop better life management skills within the community and enable members to gain credible timely facts about what the community is actually doing, and what the trends for change will mean for the future vision of how we all will live.

This will transform politics to be more transparent and politicians accountable.